The limited warranty program on all of our eligible products will be discontinued starting in January of 2013 due to lack of consumer participation; however, we will be honoring warranties of current holders through the terms of the agreement. 

To make a claim follow the directions on your warranty card or call (toll-free) 1-877-287-1594.

You must provide the claims administrator with all of the following:

• Copy of your Limited Warranty and all receipts showing oil changes AND ORIGINAL use of eligible Slick 50® product.

• Copies of all other maintenance, service and repair orders that will verify compliance with the terms of this Limited Warranty.

• Copy of your lease agreement if the vehicle is leased.

• Copy of the current vehicle registration card.

• A complete statement of damage and repair costs.

• Sample of the motor oil/transmission fluid or damaged parts at the time of the claim, if requested by Slick 50®.

Slick 50® may at its discretion and at its own expense conduct such further investigation as may be required to determine the cause of claimed problem and your eligibility for reimbursement of repair claims.

Slick 50® will approve the claim and make payment, as provided for in this Limited Warranty, after repairs are completed, if the Limited Warranty covers the damage claimed and you have complied with all of the Limited Warranty's terms.

Claims are limited to $5,000.00, or the actual cash value of the Eligible Vehicle after repairs are completed, whichever is less. Reimbursement under this program will never be more than Qualified Repair Expenses.